In a simple word‥Beat our brains to come up with great wisdoms Jiro Maruyama CEO of RF Co., Ltd.In a simple word… Beat our brains to come up with great wisdoms.

When we are to develop a product, the first thing we should consider is how many people will be delighted by this product. First, we need to think, as an independent individual, how it functions, how it helps, and how much happiness or effect it brings to people.
How much money people are willing to pay for the value of the product, and how much people may accept to afford. We need to think about pricing too, from the perspective of customers who will use the product.
Once the sales price is determined, the cost of the product will be naturally determined.

Then, we need to “beat our brains”, and from that time on, we will step into the development stage.
What we should try to do is to make the sales price of RF approximate to cost price of similar goods of other companies.
In order to achieve this, we need to beat our brains. We will never know where the limit is if we do not use up our last power.
If we are hindered by past ideas or frameworks, we will not be able to break through the product cost set by ourselves.

Unimaginably, after constantly challenging ourselves, miraculous and incomparable wisdoms are truly formed.
We may feel depressed and painful when ideas do not come out. However, all our depressions and pains will be cured by the joy when we achieve what we had aimed for.
Maybe that is the case for most of the people who are truly engaged in technological business.

Our digital X-ray CCD sensor “NAOMI” is one of the examples.
By comparing the sales price of the products of other companies that cost more than ten million Japanese yen and NAOMI, you may understand this easily.
That is the result from beating our brains after considering what the patients truly need from their standpoints.
By offering an unprecedented product with an unprecedented price, we create more possibilities in the medical field.

Jiro Maruyama

CEO of RF Co., Ltd.