■ Application and work details

Q. Can I apply a various type of positions such as offices (locations)?
     Also,is it possible to move to a different kind of jobs?
A. Yes, it is workable
Q. Can I try an application again even if my application was rejected before?
A. Yes, it is workable.
Q. Is there any age limits to apply?
A. No limits.
Q. Is there any quota on your business with sales position?
A. There is no quota whether individually or as a team.
    We also do not perform walk-in sales or hard sells.

■ Personnel Organization

Q. How about the gender ratio of the personnel?
A. Male 60%, and Female 40%
Q. How about the average age of the personnel?
A. 35.5 years old
Q. How about the average age of the managerial?
A. 35.8 years old
Q. How about the ratio of the female manager?
A. 44% (National average 6.9%)

■ Working Treatment & Holidays

Q. I live in Nagano now. If I request to work in Tokyo, how is my living condition?
A. In case we grant your request, we will settle up with the house rent and arrange
    the commutation in Tokyo.
Q. If I was relocated to another, is there any homecoming allowances?
A. We can pay one round trip + one way (1.5round trip fare) monthly.
Q. After getting married and pregnancy, can I work again?
A. Yes, you can. We have already experienced that.

■ Others

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us here.