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Kagoshima Manufacturing Facility / Kagoshima Store (Extra Large Size)

Ninja Song

The southernmost office of RF.
Locally raised members have a passion and are working hard from the production to setup of the No.1 share CT.
Members who are full of energy both physically and mentally.
We welcome your visit!

Everyone is an amateur, and we all have started like that.
"I wanna try!" If you have that feeling, you are welcome!
In a workplace without barriers, everyone is doing their best in a mixed manner.
Let's work with us and tell our passion at RF, from here Kagoshima, with us!

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  • Free study space
  • 10   50-yen bending machines
  • Ninja compartment
  • Kids' space
  • Parking lot
  • D CT Transparent Laboratory

Business Hours Wednesday to Sunday / Holiday 11AM till 7PM
Close on Monday, Tuesday, Next day of Public Holiday

*Contact us for visiting us after business hours.
*Contact us in regards to the training space.
*Calls are forwarded to our headquarters in Nagano.

Manufacturing site built right next to the store, new style of the store.
Manufacturing site is closer to the users and fast support and maintenance when needed.

2682-3 Minatomachi, Ichikikushikino-City, Kagoshima, 899-2101
Land: 5,705㎡(61,416sqf.) Building:Total 2,809㎡(30,245sqf.)

Position of Ninija Cams