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Omiya Manufacturing Facility / Omiya Store (Medium Size)

Ninja Song

30 minutes to Tokyo and very convenient and easy access!
Bright members from all over the country, from Hokkaido to Okinawa, mixed and challenging together very actively!

Everyone is inexperienced at beginning…
Because we are an amateur group, we can challenge various things!
We are looking for motivated and energetic members!

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  • Free study space
  • 50-yen bending machines
  • Kids' space
  • Parking lot
  • 3D CT Transparent Laboratory

Business Hours Wednesday to Sunday/ Holiday 11AM till 7PM
Close on Monday, Tuesday, Next day of Public Holiday

*Contact us for visitation outside of business hours.
*Contact us in regards to the training space.
*Calls are forwarded to our headquarters in Nagano.

4-4-16 Eiwa, Sakura-Ku, Saitama City, Saitama, 338-0823
(Sits on the University of Saitama Street)
Land: 14,660 sqf. Building Total: 8,042 sqf.

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