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Sapporo Manufacturing Facility / Sapporo Store
(Medium Size)

Ninja Song

Local unique members aim for anything with their passions, so their minds are so hot even in the northern area! We warmly welcome you.

An amateur group but challenging everything that makes the team members are so hot even in the northern area. Passions and seriousness lead endless challenges. This is a company that is not completed yet and that grows you every day with challenging all things. At any time, let's live up with straight thoughts and bigger dreams!

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  • Free study space
  • 50-yen bending machines
  • Kids' space
  • Parking lot
  • 3D CT Transparent Laboratory

Bussiness hours: 11:00 - 19:00, Open Saturday and Sunday

*Contact us for visiting us after business hours.
*Contact us for a reservation for study space.
*Phone calls are only Monday to Firday Japan time.
 Email us your inquiry other time frame.

6-3-18 Ryutsu Center, Shiraishi-Ku, Sapporo-City, Hokkaido, 003-0030
(Across the street from Seico Mart Distribution Center)
Land: 21,314 sqf. Buiding: 14,304 sqf.

Position of Ninija Cams