About Us

Corporate Headquarters

Established in 1993, RF SYSTEM lab.'s corporate headquarters is located in Nagano, Japan. Our company is internationally known as the manufacturer of the world's first battery-free endoscopic capsule, NORIKA. Our business practice includes broadcasting equipment, medical equipment, CCD cameras for industrial use, and radio-applied systems.

Company Mission

We here at RF SYSTEM lab. endeavor to create, develop and manufacture the most advanced WIRELESS and CCD imaging technologies. We deliver high quality user-friendly products DIRECT to our customers at a price that is reasonable.

Research and Development

RF SYSTEM lab. is a manufacturer that aims to integrate its entire production line. Our business concept of "Creative Thinking" promotes cross-divisional communication to better respond to our customers and to incorporate their needs into developing cutting-edge technology. RF is an energetic company driven by free spirit and creative thinking, always venturing to explore new frontiers with its infinite possibilities.

Products and Services

We manufacture and sell small wireless CCD cameras, combining our radio frequency technology with a digital CCD imaging sensor. Our founding principal is based on delivering "Superior products at a competitive price." In addition to a Quality Control Department, we have a Cost Control Department in each of our divisions to regulate the cost and adjust the quality level whenever and wherever it is necessary.

Also, we are a comprehensive manufacturer covering every stage of the manufacturing process: R&D (Research and Development) to packing and shipping, we are able to produce high-quality products in a more cost effective manner. We value the voice of our customers as much as we value the methods in which we apply our unique technology.

As a result we are able to design and manufacture a user-friendly products that everyone can use right out of the box. At the same time, we are able to provide convenient lifetime support with professional solutions to our customers because we handle every part of the manufacturing process.