Okiraku (Origin of name)

You use them first, and we get paid later…
Yes, it’s like “Oki Gusuri (meds for household delivery)”
from Toyama.
Only for used amount, we will charge the next month.
No need of any extra stock, very neat with optimal stock all the time.


Has gotten
more compact storage.
Slight movements
around the chairs

Okiraku (Smart AI Wagon) is...
A consumables storage wagon develped for burden & cost reduction in clinics.
With only what you use, it keeps the optimal stock all the time with a minimum space.

The AI sensor in the wagon will check its inventory, shortage forecast,
and refill arranged automatically.

Refill delivery occurs regularly, and never result in excess or out of stock.
It always keeps the optimal stock and saves waste.

No need for ordering, such as by telephone or fax form,
the lowest price among the same quality will be chosen everytime.
Free shipping, postpaid for what you use for your convenience,
it is such an easy system with optimal delivery by AI forecasts.

929 Shopping Street

Coming soon in
Tokyo Store!

(Under rapid renovation at 29 factories, opening schedule will be notified at our website)

Exhibition of thousands of dental products,
Japan's first permanent exhibition hall is opening.
(Domestic and international dental related companies are participating.)

No sales talk.
It is a place where you can touch and try them throughly as you like.
You would never go back to online shopping sites
where you can NOT try them for real!
(Beside that, all items are 30% OFF of ordinary online prices)

929 Shopping Street
Crowded place with retro styled stalls like a festival.

Come to relax with your family and kids, on business and vacation♪

929 Shopping Street

There are lots of rare and interesting items unapproved in Japan yet (substitute imports, with Clinic Mall).

Each company has one booth. It is like a dental show exhibition where full of items are displayed.
If you wish to compare by items, take a look at the item list.
We will expand this with information of buying and selling of used equipments and unoccupied clinic properties.

Online shopping mall

929 Shopping Street
Online Shopping Mall

You can order thousands of dental items
exhibited in real stalls of 929 Shopping Street
via internet.

The lowest price can be searched by one click, from thousands of items,
with our dedicated tablet PC distributed for free.

Free shipping.
If ordered items can be shipped with Okiraku items, which are to be
delivered regularly, the shipping is free regardless of the total amount.

The dedicated tablet PC is very convenient for shopping at the internet mall.

For manufacturers and dealers,
Exhibition and advertising costs are all free, and you can participate
even with your inofficial company name. Sales commission at internet mall is 3-5%.
No margin needed, so please cooperate with the reduction of the sales prices.