08/06/2012 RF Co., Ltd.

RF Co., Ltd. (RF SYSTEM lab.) has started the construction of its new factory (“RF X-Ray Facility”, with an annual production capability of 1,800 units) to meet a rapidly increasing demand for the dental CBCT system.

RF Co., Ltd. (RF SYSTEM lab. Headquarter located in Nagano-city, Nagano, Japan. CEO: Jiro Maruyama) has started the construction of its new factory, “RF X-Ray Facility” (a total initial investment of 950 million yen (approximately 11.8 million U.S. dollars), in order to facilitate a production of a large quantity of Dental CBCT System “NAOMI-CT” and Digital X-Ray CCD Imaging Sensor “NAOMI”, to meet their rapidly increasing demands. Mass production in this new facility is scheduled to start in summer 2012. After the initial stage of the construction, the annual production capability is estimated at 1,800 units.

We have been manufacturing and producing our digital x-ray product line through cooperation between out-sourcing companies and our in-house production line in the Headquarters; however, we have realized, with an increasing sales in the recent years, a need for the new production facility in order to promptly support the ever-increasing demands of our products. The facility is our first factory specialized for the production of x-ray systems targeting facilitating a production of Dental CBCT System “NAOMI-CT”, Medical Digital X-Ray CCD Imaging Sensor “NAOMI”, and Industrial Non-Destructive X-Ray Sensor “NAOMI-NX”. While major domestic manufacturers have been transferring their production bases overseas in the recent years, we have been aggressively hiring employees locally and plan to hire additional 100 to 150 staffs with this factory construction.

(Photos) Left & Center: At construction commencement / Right: Construction Model

【Construction Outline】


Site Area
Building Area
Total Floor Area
Building Structure
Move-in Schedule
Total Investment
Facility Size

RF X-Ray Facility
Minami-Nagaike (Second Eastern Industrial Complex), Nagano-city, Nagano, Japan、Western side of M-Wave (Speed skating facility built for the Olympics in Nagano-city)
752.03m² (Initial construction)
Steel construction, with 3 stories
February 17, 2012
July 13, 2012
August, 2012 (plan)
950 million yen (11.8 million U.S. dollars) (including equipment)
100 – 150 staffs (Newly hired)

NAOMI Digital X-Ray System is very compact, and therefore can effectively utilize the limited space on board. Back in the days when films were used, issues such as developing fluid spillage were common.

Dental CBCT System *CBCT (Cone Beam Computed Tomography)

Dental CBCT is an x-ray system that provides more precise information from the acquired 3-dimensional images compared to the conventional (2D) x-ray images. The use of CT images is useful and considered necessary not only in Implant planning and treatments but also to improve the safety and assuredness of other treatments in dentistry today. However, a very few CBCT system are actually used in the installation basis today due to its high investment.

About RF’s X-Ray Business

Our X-Ray products have greatly increased our business performance with our product concept of affordable price, compact design and lower exposure greatly appraised by dental and medical private doctors. After the disaster of March 11th, 2011, increasing doctors are concerned more about an amount of irradiation dosage to their patients and ways to decrease this amount. As a prominent figure in the community healthcare, we are growing our X-Ray business and striving with the theme of “X-Ray that can protect human lives” since the beginning of 2012 in addition to our company philosophy of “a healthcare innovation with a greater care from the patients’ stand point”, “product development with as much lower burden for doctors as possible”, and “at affordable price for any doctors”. RF SYSTEM lab. reached the sales amount of 9.8 billion yen (122.5 million U.S. dollars) for the fiscal year ending in May 2011. The estimate sales amount for May 2012 is 11 billion yen (137.5 million U.S. dollars) with 12.2% increase from the last fiscal year, with increase sales of digital x-ray products.

Contact information

RF SYSTEM lab./RF Co., Ltd. Headquarters

Overseas Sales Department
TEL: +81-26-225-7744
FAX: +81-26-225-7747
e-mail : os@rfsystemlab.com

【Company Profile】

Company Name
Headquarter Address
Register of Company
Main business fields

RF Co., Ltd. (RF SYSTEM lab.)
Jiro Maruyama
3 Nakagosho, Nagano-city, Nagano, 380-0935, Japan
June, 1998
950 million yen (11.8 million U.S. dollars) (including equipment)
[Industrial Field] X-Ray CT systems, Digital Radiography NDT Systems, Industrial Video Borescopes
[Dental Field] X-Ray CT systems, Intraoral / Panoramic / Cephalomatic Digital Radiography Sensors, Intraoral Cameras
[Medical Field] X-Ray CT Systems, Direct Digital Radiography Imaging Sensors, Medical Video Scopes
Development of Capsule Endoscope and Disposable Video Endoscopes.