*Depending on the network environment, it may take few minutes to display live views.
*S, M, L, 2L, and 4L stand for the sizes of each facility.

Manufacturing "Made-In-Japan" quality products
in all facilities in real time.
Welcome anytime.

This year, we are relocating our facilities one by one, from the rented stores to the company owned manufacturing facilities (stores).

In September, we start our relocations of Hiroshima Store to the new store which is built as a part of Miyoshi Factory Mall.
RF's facilities are all located at good sightseeing areas.
Feel free to drop by whenever you are on your business trip, going sightseeing, or along with your kids. We have "Ninja compartments" as a free break space too.

*Newly Opening Manufacturing Facilities: Kumamoto Open in Oct.

RF lends the designated computers free of charge. (Now only in Japan)

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