RF Co.,Ltd.

*It may take 1〜2 minutes to show. It depends on the internet environment. S〜4L is the scale of the offices.

Basis of our rapid expansion
Come & see us manufacturing our products live anytime
At RF, we won’t get close to you until you call us.
It is our “leaving-you-alone” sales style.

Carefully and until you understand, try our our actual products, and call us with call buttons around you.
Our staff gladly come to you right away.

All about RF in 30 sec.

Why we expand our business and offices steadily and offer low selling prices? The secret is because we strive to become persons with multitasking and marketable capabilities.
We streamline the business operation so that every employee can be a manager. Our policies are all about corner-cutting and go easily.
We diligently cut costs in all possible way.

Compared to other companies of similar scale, our decision making and approval are twice faster. And four times, when it comes to the product development. As a result, we keep developing the best ranked domestic products that are 100% made in Japan.
Even though a number of our staffs is half of theirs, our profit is double. Also, we provide a raise in salary of 5% every year.
We've been investing enough for upcoming fundamental research.

  • Industry field
  • Medical field
  • Veterinary field
  • Dental field


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Update on Kumamoto & Hamamatsu facilities.