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    Cosplay Event

Welcome everyone at our all 29 facilities.
Our manufacturing spaces are open for anyone, and you can touch and try our Japan-quality products anytime.
We have the cosplay spaces and “Ninja compartments” as a free break space, which helps anyone to make yourself home and enjoy. Come by and visit us anytime.

To staffs at medical clinics or hospitals, and to general people,
Come and visit us anytime with your family.
Enjoy at our cosplay photo studio, where your kids just love it.
Very appreciated if you spread this to your friends and neighbors!

Ongoing at all our locations in Japan!

Cosplay Photo Event

Take home a FREE
costume & photos
with you!!
You can take away the Original Ninja backpack!

Cosplay Images

We may have to ask you to wait when we are too busy with installation, etc...

Try our products!

CT tryout space

Try out yourself freely
and feel the cutting edge
3D CT images used in
many clinics.

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