2. Morioka Manufacturing Facility / Morioka Store (Small size)
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Morioka Manufacturing Facility / Morioka Store (Small size)

Ninja Song

The bright red Ninja visible from Route 4, is a landmark.
Age and experience do not matter! All you need is your motivation! All the local members who are full of individuality are challenging hardly while they are not professinals and they are clumsy!

We are looking for more members to work together to expand our office and store, in an environment where we can challenge various things,
Just like Iwate's specialty, Ishiwari Sakura, by breaking rocks and make the cherry blossoms bloom.

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  • Cooperated construction companies
  • 【Construction in July 2017】 Signboard: Asahi Neon / Interior: Kaiteki Co. ,Ltd.

  • Kids' space
  • Parking lot
  • 3D CT Transparent Laboratory

*Different business hours from other offices.
Please contact us at os@rfsystemlab.com before your visit.

2-9-2 Tsushida-cho, Morioka-City, Iwate, 020-0835
Land: 8,717 sqf. Building Total: 1,850 sqf.
TEL:019-638-7771 / FAX:019-638-7772