2. Suwa Manufacturing Facility / Suwa Store (Mega Large Size)
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Suwa Manufacturing Facility / Suwa Store
(Mega Large Size)

Ninja Song

Produces purely Japan-Made CT with the largest market share in Japan on a vast site with abundant nature at an altitude of 1,000 meters. We are all redneck full of smiles. We narrow down our wisdom and carefully produce, deliver, and support each unit.

An amateur group raised in Shinshu Suwa, no qualifications or experience required!
We carefully manfacturer our Japan-Made CT.
The new creativity unique to an amateur group is the treasure of future RF!
Why don't you wrok together with us here at RF?

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  • 良心的な内装工事屋さん
  • 【Construction in November 2013】Exterior & interior: Kikushima Kogyo

10801-2 Shimo-Harayama, Suwagun Haramura, Nagano, 391-0100
(Suwa Minami Interchange Industrial Site, 5 min.
away from Suwa Minami Interchange)
Land: 424,329 sqf. Building Total: 82,766 sqf.
TEL:0266-70-1770 / FAX:0266-70-1778