2. Tobu Manufacturing Facility (Large Size)
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Tobu Manufacturing Facility (Large Size)

Ninja Song

People of various occupations are working together. The advertising department is lined with full-scale printing equipment, and like a small printing company.
The projects that came up in the morning were immediately designed and photographed, and the proofreading emails flew through various departments... Thousands of printed matter were shipped in the evening of the same day, and the homepage is updated almost every day.
At this speed, we are widely disseminating the world's first to be born one after another.
From business cards to large posters, from product design to cardboard boxes, most of the prints used in-house are produced here.

From Nagano to all over Japan and the world!
Both inexperienced people and moms can easily challenge with "Try it first".
We are struggling all together in one team, no matter what department you are in, as "Gocha Maze", every day.
Would you like to create the future with us?

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  • 良心的な内装工事屋さん
  • 【Construction in July 2012】Interior: Sando Kenchiku / Electiricity: Koudensha / Equipment: Mizuki Corporation

  • 10   50-yen bending machines
  • Parking lot

299-16 Minami Nagaike, Nagano City, Nagano, 381-0024
(Right next to M Wave, The site for Winter Olympic in Nagano)
Land: 50,136 sqf. Building Total: 22,915 sqf.
TEL : 026-222-7702 / FAX : 026-222-7709