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Tohoku Manufacturing Facility / Sukagawa Store
(Extra Large Size)

Ninja Song

The first CT manufacturing base, with the red-colored building with a big Ninja mark which is visible from the expressway and Shinkansen!
We are an amateur group with members born in Fukushima prefecture.
We are working with joy and energy without barriers among those who have no experience for manufacturing, are woman or part-time workes!

It is a company full of things to do towards the future!
If you are motivated, even inexperienced, you are most welcome!!
Join our "gocha-maze" group (members work without any boundaries)!!!

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  • 良心的な内装工事屋さん
  • 【Construction in December 2012】Equipment: Life & Garrage YOSHIDA Co.

  • 10   50-yen bending machines
  • Ninja compartment
  • Kids' space
  • Parking lot
  • 3D CT Transparent Laboratory

Bussiness hours: 11:00 - 19:00, Open Saturday and Sunday

A new style store with a manufacturing site together.
Manufacturer on the spot and we can support our users much more quickly.

*Contact us for visiting us after business hours.
*Contact us for a reservation for study space.
*Phone calls are only Monday to Firday Japan time.
 Email us your inquiry other time frame.

19-1 Otsukyu Hokkome, Sukagawa-City, Fukushima, 962-0051
Land: 157,597 sqf. Building Total: 53,268 sqf.

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