About RF SYSTEM lab.

RF Co., Ltd :
We named ourselves with the initials from Radio Frequency,
the wireless connection.

Centering on the CCD and wireless technologies as well as technique that visualizes the invisible, RF products are widely used in various fields.


In 1993, Jiro Maruyama founded the company with his wife, Yuriko, focusing on CCD and wireless technologies. As a R&D manufacturer, we strive to provide high-quality products using our unique technology at a very reasonable price for our customers.

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The business started from broadcasting and industrial cameras, but now stretches from medical/industrial x-ray sensor, intraoral camera, industrial borescope to capsule endoscope. We continue to progress into the future, with creating tomorrow by rewriting our own history.

Product Development History

Company History


Our showrooms are located in the vicinity where customers can check our products, as well as where we listen to customers’ demand as we value their voices on our product development.

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Our products and company activities have been widely publicized in many newspapers, books, and magazines as well as TV programs in various countries.

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