2. Our Locations

Here is the reason why we are setting up our facilities
from one place to another.

We aim for the fastest support service anywhere in Japan.

As the products are mechanical, breakdowns may occur sometimes.
We believe the problem is the speed of support service we provide.

Support service is a treasure house of product improvements.
We will come to support you with pleasure right away.

Product improvement requests are made within the same day.
All will be reported to Central Research Laboratory in Nagano.
Our engineers start improvement on the very next day
and it will be applied the shortest from the shipment of the day after.

This speed is the distinctive advantage of "Made in Japan" manufacture.

That's why, the number of our facilities has been increased so much before we know.

RF-owned facilities
Total land: 2,195,945 sqft. (Reference: Tokyo Dome is 498,164 sqft., Japan Imperial Palace is 12,454,111 sqft.)
Total building: 1,006,185 sqft.
Total value: 6.353 billion Japanese yen
(Yes, it is a bit too much...)

Production, delivery, and support service are done by locally grown rustic members from each facility,
who will do their best sweating with honest smiles on their faces although they cannot do any of flattering
or apple-polishing.


Asahikawa Manufacturing Facility / Asahikawa Store (Extra Large Size)

1, Kogyodanchi 1-Jo, Asahikawa-City, Hokkaido, 078-8271

(Big manufacturing facility on the Asahiyama Zoo Street)
Land: 167,703 sqf. Building: 65,117 sqf.

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Ninja Compartment

Sapporo Manufacturing Facility / Sapporo Store (Medium Size)

6-3-18 Ryutsu Center, Shiraishi-Ku, Sapporo-City, Hokkaido, 003-0030

(Across the street from Seico Mart Distribution Center)
Land: 21,314 sqf. Buiding: 14,304 sqf.

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Morioka Manufacturing Facility / Morioka Store (Small Size)

2-9-2 Tsushida-cho, Morioka-City, Iwate, 020-0835

Land: 8,717 sqf. Building Total: 1,850 sqf.

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Ishinomaki Manufacturing Facility (Large Size)

1-2 Kaisei, Ishinomaki-City, Miyagi, 986-0032

(90 min. from Sendai City)
Land: 35,939 sqf. Building Total: 6,049 sqf.

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Sukagawa Manufacturing Facility / Sukagawa Store (Extra Large Size)

19-1 Otsukyu Hokkome
Sukagawa-City, Fukushima, 962-0051

(Sukagawa Otsukyu Industrial Area)
Land: 157,597 sqf. Building Total: 53,268 sqf.

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Ninja Compartment

Omiya Manufacturing Facility / Omiya Store (Medium Size)

4-4-16 Eiwa, Sakura-Ku, Saitama City, Saitama, 338-0823

(On the street of Saitama University)
Land: 14,660 sqf. Building Total: 8,042 sqf.

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Tokyo Store (Large Size)

1-9-13 Yaesu, Chuou Ku, Tokyo, 103-0028

(45 seconds on foot from Central Exit of Yaesu, JR Tokyo Station)

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Ninja Compartment

Tokyo Secondary Facility (Small Size)

Shinmaki Cho Building 1st Floor, 1-8-5 Yaesu, Chuou Ku, Tokyo, 103-0028

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Yokohama Store (Medium Size)

Yokohama Landmark Tower 21st Floor, 2-2-1,
Minatomirai, Nishi-Ku, Yokohama City, Yokohama, 220-8121

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Nagano Store (Extra Small Size)

227-3 Minami-Nagaike, Nagano-City, Nagano, 381-0024

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Tobu Manufacturing Facility (Large Size)

299-16 Minami Nagaike, Nagano City, Nagano, 381-0024

(Next to the Olympic Stadium, M-Wave)
Land: 50,136 sqf. Building Total: 22,915 sqf.

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Central Research Laboratory (Nagano) (Large Size)

3397-9 Mamejima, Nagano-City, Nagano, 381-0022

(4km away from Suzaka-Nagano Higashi Interchange)
Land: 26,900 sqf. Building Total: 38,038 sqf.

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RF C-one (Shopping Building in Nagano) (Extra Large Size)

826 Miami-Chitose, Nagano-City, Nagano, 380-0822

Land: 15,372 sqf. Building Total: 68,711 sqf.

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Suzaka Factory / RF System Lab. (King Size)
(R&D and Manufacturing Center of Capsule Endoscope)

460 Koyama, Suzaka-City, Nagano, 382-8501

Originally Fujitsu Suzaka factory site
Land: 586,446 sqf.

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Madarao Mountain Retreat (Small Size)

11492-398 Madarao Kogen, Iiyama City, Nagano, 389-2257

Land: 22,381 sqf. Building Total: 9,679 sqf.

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Matsumoto Manufacturing Facility / NINJA PC Factory (Small Size)

10206-9 Hata, Matsumoto-City, Nagano, 390-1401
Land: 23,129 sqf. Building: 5,338 sqf.

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Suwa Manufacturing Facility / Suwa Store (Mega Large Size)

10801-2 Shimo-Harayama, Suwagun Haramura, Nagano, 391-0100

(Suwa Minami Interchange Industrial Site, 5 min. away from Suwa Minami Interchange)
Land: 424,329 sqf. Building Total: 82,766 sqf.

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Ninja Compartment

Niigata Manufacturing Facility / Niigata Store (Small Size)

1-2-20 Kodo-Shinmachi, Higashi-Ku, Niigata-City, Niigata, 950-0033

(15 min. away from Niigata Airport Interchange)
Land: 17,793 sqf. Building Total: 6,760 sqf.

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Ninja Compartment

Kanazawa Manufacturing Facility / Kanazawa Store (Small Size)

2-31 Okyozuka, Nonoichi-City, Ishikawa, 921-8801

(Next to Aeon Okyozuka Shopping Center)
Land: 9,607 sqf. Building Total: 4,697 sqf.

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Ninja Compartment

Nagoya Manufacturing Facility / Nagoya Store (Large Size)

3-142 Shimobari Nakashima, Komaki-City, Aichi, 485-0051

Land: 10,141 sqf. Building Total: 32,843 sqf.

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Osaka Store (Large Size)

1-1-30 Ooyodonaka Kita-ku, Osaka-City, Osaka 531-6135

(9 min. walking from JR Osaka Station. 7 min. driving from Shin-Osaka Station.
Just below the sky garden, situated at 35th floor of Umeda Sky Building.)

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Kobe Manufacturing Facility (Medium Size)

5-4-9 Minatoshima Minami Machi, Chuo-Ku, Kobe-City, Hyogo, 650-0047

(6 min. walk from Medical Center Station (Port Liner))
Land: 16,154 sqf. Building Total: 17,862 sqf.

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Kobe Secondary Facility / Kobe Store (Medium Size)

4-7-6 Minami Chou, Minatoshima, Chuou-Ku, Kobe City, Hyogo, 650-0047

(6 min. walk from Medical Center Station (Port Liner))
Land: 10,817 sqf. Building Total: 13,165 sqf.

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Okayama Manufacturing Facility / Okayama Store (Medium Size)

121-3 Nishi City, Minami Ku, Okayama City, Okayama, 700-0953

Land: 9,216 sqf. Building Total: 11,493 sqf.

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Hiroshima Store (Small Size)

*In September this year, Hiroshima Store will be relocated to the store opening as a part of
Miyoshi Factory Mall.

2-11-26 Onaga Nishi, Higashi Ku, Hirosima City, Hiroshima, 732-0047

(5 min. driving from JR Hiroshima Station)

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Miyoshi Factory Mall (Mega Large Size)

230 Nishi-Sakeya-Machi, Miyoshi-City, Hiroshima, 728-0022

Land: 346,153 sqf. Building: 189,552 sqf.

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Sikoku Manufacturing Facility (Extra Large Size)

※Open in June 30th, 2018 

3-54 Hiuchi, Saijo-City, Ehime, 793-0003

Land: 46,294 sqf. Building Total: 33,149 sqf.

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Fukuoka Manufacturing Facility (Small Size)

3-1-37 Nishitsukiguma, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka-City, Fukuoka, 812-0857

Land: 3,771 sqf. Building Total: 2,882 sqf.

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Kumamoto Manufacturing Facility (Small Size)

※Open in July, 2018 

1100 Kagami-Mura, Kagami-Machi, Yatsushiro-City, Kumamoto, 869-4201

Land: 25,595 sqf. Building Total: 5,576 sqf.

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Kagoshima Manufacturing Facility / Kagoshima Store (Extra Large Size)

2682-3 Minatomachi, Ichikikushikino-City, Kagoshima, 899-2101

(A large facility on the Hamada Shuzo Street)
Land: 61,416 sqf. Building Total: 30,245 sqf.

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Ninja Compartment

Check out yourself by touching and operating the latest and all RF products, like NAOMI-CT.

All products are displayed and available for a trial and testing, including the medical and industrial latest 3D scanner, NAOMI-CT, digital x-ray sensor, medical and dental camera, as well as an articulating borescope.
You can thoroughly try out the products yourself on the spot, including scanning your preferable items or capturing images with them. Our staffs will take you with full understandings on how to use the products and how our after services and supports after installations.

Contact us before visiting us.


*Or you can call us at +81-26-225-7744 (Available from Monday to Friday, 10:00 to 19:00 Japan time)