What is "CT", dada?

Feel it!

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How a pine cone looks like by CT scan?

Reveal various things by 3D CT!

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How it works

Comparing what "CT" is like, to driving a car

■2D X-ray

It's just like driving a car only with the information you can see and with your own sense.
You will feel unsecure and unsafe because not enough information is available.

■3D X-ray CT

It is like driving a car with the information from the left, right and back views using the rearview and side mirrors, in addition to the information of the front view.
You feel safe because you can drive a car with enough information of front, left, right, and back.

How it works? What "CT" image looks like?

■2D X-ray

2D X-ray is one way shot, so no precise information acquired.
With 3D X-ray CT..,

■3D X-ray CT

3D X-ray CT data!

3D X-ray CT data is taken from all
360° angle,
and rebuilt it to create an image data.
Cross section slices can be displayed freely in the 3D data from any direction, so that you can see its position and details in three dimensions! Wow!