Non-Destructive, Industrial 3D X-ray CT scanner NAOMi-CT $29500

Non-destructive inspection is now at 1/5 the price of conventional CT at faster speed.
Visualize internal structure and conditions without destroying only one with x-ray CT scans.

Internal structure revealed with non-destructive inspection

X-ray CT system that allows 3D image data produced based on the x-ray scans. It enables internal defect inspection, assembly confirmation, checking condition of air bubbles, dimension measurement, etc., without destroying and crushing the actual object. 3D data can be also specified with their internal positional relations.

The conventional CT inspection system was as expensive as hundreds of thousands dollars, and the acquisition of 3D data required tens of minutes, avoiding many people to consider a CT inspection to one of their non-destructive tests, and it was limited to few applications.

However, with its CT technology used in the medical and dental fields, RF has developed a new concept CT scans at 1/5 the price of conventional CT, enabling the inspection speed faster. Just 45 seconds from the start of scanning. Everyone can easily perform internal inspection on the spot.

X-ray CT scan only takes 45 seconds to check porosity and defects

Only 45 seconds!

■Customer’s voice
・You can check the inside without cutting, so you do not have to destroy the item.
・Since polishing near the surface layer can be done, there is no polishing loss.
・We can verify our own technology on the spot. It led to shortening development time.

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