The x-ray scanning technology used in RF's medical and dental CT scan, we have transformed it into the industrial 3D scanner at most affordable price.
Dreams of every engineers have come true.

It enables to examine the object inside out in a 3D view without destroying it.
For the precious things you used to break for your inspection, they do not need to be broken, disassembled or torn apart. From various angles, everything is transparent.., all these things that are not seen from outside.

Sample 3D images  Click here for more sample data!

Click here for more sample data!

These are the examples of actual 3D images. Not only the vertical (X) or horizontal slices (Y), but diagonal axis slices (Z) are available with this technology.

PC Mouse (Resin + Metal)


Power source Power AC100-240V 50/60Hz
Consumption power 1.5kVA (At peak)
X-ray source * Tube voltage 50-100kV
Tube current 2-10mA
Max power output 500W
High voltage generator DC rectifier (Earlier ignition system)
Cooling Oil and air
Focal spot size 0.5mm
Detector (FPD) Active imaging area 123 x 121 mm
Pixel size 100μm
Pixels 1232 x 1216 pixels
Grayscales 12 bit
Image aquisition Image acquisition size Partial scan - W:Φ56mm H:37-41mm Pixel size:0.068mm
Normal scan - W:Φ83mm H:72-82mm Pixel size:0.136mm
Offset scan - W:Φ151mm H:63-82mm Pixel size:0.205mm
*Max object size - Φ250 x H:230mm
*Contact us for customization for bigger objects
Resolution 5 lp/mm 0.1mm
Object examples Resin molded products, plastics, rubber products, food, cosmetics, stationery, toys, biological and bones, aluminum (approx. φ50~60mm max).
*Ask us more details for heavy metals (iron, copper, etc).
Size External dimensions W623mm × D338.5mm × H297.5mm
*When opening the door : W668mm

*Self-protected with the built-in lead.
*Specifications may be changed without a prior notice.