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It is all in a video.

Dentistry in Motion

Presenting in Motion: Intraoral Video Tour


Now, the new style of case presentation is done by a video.
Record the intraoral video and immediately show it to your patients on the chairside. By precisely pointing out the area of concerns in a video, your patients can better understand their oral conditions and the needs for the suggested treatment. Even outside of the clinic, your patients can take home the recorded video and discuss their treatment with their family with the same understanding of their conditions.

The time is tough. But now is nothing more perfect than ever to start thinking about how you can increase your case acceptance. RF SYSTEM lab. leads the way with the doctors' needs in mind.

Who says a picture is worth a thousand words?
Join in the new era of presenting your treatment plans with RF SYSTEM lab.'s intraoral video system and generate the greater case acceptance in your clinic!

Easy & Quick 4 steps for 100% case acceptance

Easy Step

5.7- inch Multipurpose Chairside Video Recorder

Doga provides the convenience and effectiveness on your chairside in a compact and stylish body. It is readily available to record a video or capture a still image with a simple remote operation at any time. It also achieves the smooth workflow in doctors and assistants with the on-the-spot playback feature and the SD card storage.


Monitor Size: 5.7-inch TFT color monitor (960 x 240 pixel)
Interface: Video In/Out
Display Function: Stored Images (in 9 windows)/Still Images/ Recorded Movies
Menu Function: Image Adjustment (Brightness, Contrast, Sharpness), Clock Adjustment
Attachment:AC Adapter×1, Clip Arm×1, 1GB SD Card×1

Compact yet Versatile

Video Recording

Video Recording

As you move the wireless camera inside of the patients' mouth, Doga records the video of their intraoral condition. One touch operation on the remote control easily prepares and records the video, and it does not require any computer operation in between.

Still Image Capturing

Doga does not only record the video but also capture the still images. By sliding down the capture button on the wireless camera, Doga stores the captured image automatically. The still image helps to emphasize the area of concerns for your chairside consultation.

On-the-Spot Presentation

Video / Still Image Display

You may choose to either display the still images or video on the spot with a self-explanatory button on the remote control. Doga plays back and pauses the video, and you can switch in between still image and video at your chairside. The transition to the case presentation is smooth and speedy for you, your assistants and your patients.

Flip and Show

Doga can change the video or still image orientations by the one-touch remote control operation for your patients' better understandings of their oral condition and positional relationship of the problem areas. The original orientation is saved into the built-in SD memory card for the future reference.

Smart Storage

Video Recording

All captured images and recorded video are saved into the built-in SD memory card. The important data can be transferred to any computer with a memory card reader and imported into any dental imaging software. There is no complicated installation or training required to manage the imaging data.

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