Privacy Policy

We at RF SYSTEM lab (RF hereof) have a firm commitment to safeguarding the privacy of our customers. RF commits to maintain, use, and protect privacy of the collected information.

1: Privacy Policy Compliance

RF establishes policy for handling and protection of personal information privacy. RF observes the privacy policy to handle the collected information appropriately.

2: Usage of Collected Private Information

When RF collects private information from our customers, we clearly states for its purpose and usage. We never use the personal information for any unrelated purpose other than it is described to our customer prior of usage.

3: Protection of Private Information

RF commits to protect private information internally. We ensure safe data maintenance within the company. We establish the privacy policy and observe.

4: Provision of Private Information

There may be an occasion for RF to provide the private information to third party with authorized related purpose. We select the third party to assure the safe data usage and prohibit the third party to use the provided information for any unrelated purposes. We enforce the safe data usage, which meets our guidance and policy on the contracts.