03/31/2009 RF SYSTEM lab. Press Release

The world's first “Multi-CCD Detector Method” DR system,

NAOMI Direct Digital X-Ray Sensor has seized the top share

of Japan's digital x-ray system market in consecutive years of FY 2007 and FY 2008.

~Reaching 49.5% market share, 200% increase in shipments over the previous year~

Top Share

NAOMI Direct Digital X-Ray Sensor, manufactured by RF SYSTEM lab., has seized the No.1 share in the digital x-ray system market in Japan by a considerable margin, in the consecutive years of FY 2007 and FY 2008 since its debut in 2006.

According to the research by Yano Research Institute Ltd. (www.yanoresearch.com), NAOMI has seized approximately half, 49.5%, of the DR (I.I DR type) market in FY 2008 with a significant differences over the second (23.9% share) and the third (12.0%). It marked 150% increase in the market share, and 200% increase in total shipments over the previous year.

In 2006 when NAOMI was introduced to the market, a digital x-ray system was not commonly used among middle- or small-sized hospitals or clinics. It is analyzed that most digital x-ray systems in the current market are developed for top-ranked hospitals and are very expensive. As a result, it was widely installed and used only amongst large-sized hospitals. With applying its unique technology, Multi-CCD Detector Method*1, RF SYSTEM lab. developed a digital x-ray system NAOMI at approximately 1/3 of a price of other digital x-ray systems in the market in order to provide a digital solution even for small-sized hospitals and clinics. The NAOMI's product concept has perfectly met their needs, and been highly appraised for its retrofit and user-friendly features, in addition to the affordable price range as well as superb image quality. This has led to the fact that NAOMI has provided a major boost to hospitals and clinics in “digitalization” of the medical market.

With a delivery of this report, the CEO of RF SYSTEM lab., Jiro Maruyama states “Digitalization and computerization in the medical market bring a decrease of burdens for doctors and nurses, patients' waiting time, and malpractice at the medical front. We are aiming to support in eliminating health disparities with levels and sizes of hospitals, by manufacturing and supplying cutting-edge products, like NAOMI Direct Digital X-Ray Sensor, at affordable price for even small-sized hospitals and clinics.”

Today, Direct Digital X-Ray Sensor, NAOMI is widely used for non-destructive testing cases in the industrial field, in addition to medical purposes. RF SYSTEM lab. has also started the distribution of its unique technology, Multi-CCD Detector Method, to OEM products.

*1 Refers to the technique of capturing a digital image by combining 12 CCDs into one unit, that is a unique technology of RF SYSTEM lab.

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