We provide Ninja PC as a free loaner.

It is the designated computer developed for advanced medical devices.
Free loaner offer is limited to clinics/hospitals who have installed our CT in Japan.

赤忍者PC 青忍者PC
Red Ninja PC Blue Ninja PC
OS RF's special mode (Windows based)
CPU Intel Core i7 Intel Core i3
Graphics (GPU) Dedicated graphics Built-in CPU graphics
Storage SSD:120GB SSD:120GB
HDD:3TB HDD : 1TB (when used as a server)
Memory 8GB 4GB
LAN Wired Gigabit LAN port Wired Gigabit LAN port
Built-in wireless LAN
Size W225 × H291 × D320mm W62 × H145 × D238mm
Weight Approx. 6.3kg Approx. 0.98kg