We provide Ninja PC as a free loaner.

It is the designated computer developed for advanced medical devices.
Free loaner offer is limited to clinics/hospitals who have installed our CT in Japan.

赤忍者PC 青忍者PC
Red Ninja PC Blue Ninja PC
OS RF's special mode (Windows based)
CPU Intel Intel
Graphics (GPU) Dedicated graphics Built-in CPU graphics
Storage SSD:120GB SSD:120GB
HDD:1TB HDD : 1TB (when used as a server)
Memory 8GB 4GB
LAN Wired Gigabit LAN port Wired Gigabit LAN port
Size W225 × H294 × D259mm W65 × H200 × D224mm
Weight Approx. 5.0kg Approx. 1.1kg

*Product designs, specifications or features may be changed without a prior notice.