Built-in 5ch Microwave Receiver

The built-in receiver picks up the signal from any RF wireless products, including wireless cameras and transmitters.

Features -Wireless-

Import / Export

Automatic storage capability to the SD memory card eliminates complicated software operation for any dental professionals. Images from other sources such as digital x-ray systems*, can be imported through this SD memory card to achieve more versatility with Doctor's Station.
(*Limited to JPEG files)

Features -SD Card-

Remote Control

From capturing images to preparing them for chairside presentation, everything is at your fingertip. The self-explanatory buttons on this remote control simplifies all operations and case presentations.

Features -Remote Control-

X-Ray Film Digitizer

A bitewing x-ray film can be enlarged to 12" full screen size for easier viewing. The analog x-ray images are stored into the SD memory card as a digital format.

Features -X-Ray Film Scanner-

Face Camera

The built-in face camera captures patients' full-face images. The captured images are useful to identification and maintenance of each patient record.

Features -Face Camera-