Wanna go digital, but not sure which system to go with...


The NAOMI DR System has adopted the widely versatile high-sensitive CCD sensors, to accomplish the excellent image quality, cost effectiveness and easy operation at the most affordable price in the current digital x-ray market. Check out more advantages with us during the show, and find the reason of why NAOMI is superior to other digital x-ray systems!

What do I need to go digital ?


It is not necessary for replacing your current x-ray machine or doing office modifications, because NAOMI is immediately added into your existing x-ray environment. During the show, you will see how to set up NAOMI in your office.

Who is RF SYSTEM lab ?


We, RF SYSTEM lab., are the innovative R&D medical equipment manufacturer employing the most advanced wireless and CCD imaging technologies, to develop unique and superb quality products such as the world's first battery-free endoscopic capsule camera, No.1 digital x-ray sensor, and the wireless dental camera with a dominant share. Find out our various interesting products and accomplishments!




THE NAOMI SHOW is available to learn more about NAOMI for anybody who is interested.

How do I watch the show ?

Access to our show website, and see the live show just for you! The show staff explains all about NAOMI by speaking with you over the phone. THE NAOMI SHOW offers the opportunity for you to casually learn everything about NAOMI. You may participate in the NAOMI SHOW any convenient places, where the Internet is available. From your office, home… Anywhere! By putting on a speaker phone, you can watch the show with your staffs and find out together how NAOMI brings the benefits to your office. Submit the Schedule Request Form with your preferrable time. Our show staff will contact you to confirm the schedule.

Why watch the show ?

Good question! Not only knowing about the advantages of NAOMI, but we have SPECIAL OFFER only available during the show time. Do not miss this perfect chance!

I am a very busy person. I want to see the show, but what if I have a sudden appointment ?

Do not worry! Our show staff is glad to re-arrange the show for another day when you are available. The running time is usually 30 minutes, and we can fit it into your schedule upon your request.