Reflect the Inner Beauty from Multiple Perspectives - Wireless Micro Skin Scope ES-12
ES-12 Hand TV

The words do not tell everything

Ever since the informed consent became inevitable in today's medical practice, it is more challenging to practitioners to explain the condition to their patients simply by words.

If it is true that a picture is worth a thousand words, sharing images with patients holds the key to the true informed consent. RF SYSTEM lab. is now introducing the Wireless Micro Skin Scope, ES-12 to your practice.

ES-12 Exam

Improving "Efficiency"

The ES-12 assists you and your patients to visualize the comfort, certainty and practicality in your daily practice.

For the enhanced practicality

Improving the practice efficiency is always one of the main agendas in every practice. A simple piece of equipment will not provide the productivity and performance, which practitioners require.

Nothing else but the Wireless Micro Skin Scope, ES-12 assists the doctors to achieve this goal through the ease of use and effective presentation.

ES-12 Systems


The true wireless technology eliminates the complicated installation or the training. Super portability, high quality image, user friendly; it fits all in your hand.

ES-12 works with your existing display devices such as TV or computer screen by using RF’s video receiver Morse typeS (for TV) and USB Morse typeS (for PC). The displayed images can be imported into your imaging software (or patients’ files).