NAOMi-CT is Non-Destructive CT scanner system, freely visualizing cross sectional slices
of various shapes and material objects without cutting them.
With its CT technology used in the medical and dental fields, RF has developed a new concept CT system
with the price 1/5th of conventional CT. It enables you to scan your works on the spot at no additional cost,
no outsourcing inspections.

  • Features
  • 1/5 of conventional CT price
  • Quick scan in 60 sec. (with $29,500 CT, M size model)
  • No qualification or license required (In case of Japan. It is subject to your country's regulation.)

Usage examples

Various applications, from industrial products and food to daily necessities

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Industrial products

  • Aluminum die cast
    Porosity inspection (auto parts, gas appliances, etc.)
  • Electric appliances
    Final inspection after packaging for bundled items or broken wires
  • Water absorbing polymer
    Observation of uneven distribution

Daily necessities

  • Plastic bottles
    Inspection of matching between cap and body
  • Cosmetics
    Eyeliner and compact container inspection
  • Sports shoes
    Structure confirmation
  • Heel shoes
    Size measurement to reduce return rate
  • A dollar store items
    Quality check

Food related

  • Frozen food
    Eexperiment of product development
  • Snacks
    Study on the relationship between air layer and texture
  • Processed food
    Internal condition check of the vacuum pack
  • Peach
    Pest inspection of fruits for export
  • Nuts
    Insect inspection
  • Seed
    Confirmation of growth process in fruit


  • Musical instruments
    Confirmation of precious wood nests, used for woodwind instruments
  • Marine life
    Examination of new exhibition method using 3D printer
  • Mortar
    Non-destructive inspection of crack state
  • Tooth model
    Conditional check of the crown covering
  • Biological
    Observation of living things (universities, research institutes, etc.)

Check "Scannable objects" in How the scan works.

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Convenient functions and software

2D X-ray Function

NAOMi-CT allows you to capture the x-ray in 2D, in addition to 3D scans.
Select suitable acquisition depending on the object or region of interets.

Void detector

This is to detect a void (porosity or air bubbles) inside of the target works, from the CT scanned data.
By setting the range and void size, it gives you the volume comparison of the object and its voids.
It has been developed for free of charge, based on our NAOMi-CT users' requests.

Many more under development!
Free distribution to users!

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