For ENT, Medical

CT with no need of x-ray room

For ENT, Medical / NAOMI-CT /Lead Protecting Box Type

Space-Saving Design


(When occluded)

W1,280 × D1,340 × H1,982㎜

Only "this" space…
Install at any space in the office
Lead protecting wall shields the x-ray

No need of an x-ray room as it shields x-ray itself. You can decide your preferred space for installation, to match your clinic style and diagnose flows.

Early detection, improvement of diagnosis

With the NAOMI-CT, 3D scans contain more information in one scan,
which is not available with the 2D, regular x-ray images.

3D image of CT provides more information compared to 2D x-rays.

Cochlear duct

Cochlear duct



Nosal bone fracture (VR)

Nosal bone fracture (VR)

Nosal bone fracture

Nosal bone fracture

Lower jaw(VR) (Sialolithiasis disease)

Lower jaw(VR)
(Sialolithiasis disease)

Lower jaw (Sialolithiasis disease)

Lower jaw
(Sialolithiasis disease)

No problem with the space and its price!

Reports from NAOMI-CT users

Some of evaluation reports from dental clinics with RF’s NAOMI-CT (in pdf data).

Ookaki ENT Clinic

It is obvious that CT is so valid for diagnosis.

Ookaki ENT Clinic
(Nasu-Shiobara-City, Tochigi)

Doutsu ENT Clinic

“What? You have a CT??”, good reputations from patients.

Doutsu ENT Clinic
(Nagasaki-City, Nagasaki)

Easy and simple positioning and PC operations!!

NAOMI-CT Movie to show simple scanning process
and software functions

Only 1.5 minutes to have
the CT scan image display with NAOMI-CT

Check out the movie for the scanning process and software features. Even you are not good at a computer, easy 3 steps for CT scan!

NAOMI-CT series are available only in Japan. Contact us for any questions.