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■ No special lead room. This CT fits anywhere.


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■ Specifications

Click "Details" to check out the spec of naomi-CT (Large size) for ENT and Ophthalmology.

▼ Details
(Same for CT model & Panoramic model)
Power AC 100V 50/60Hz
Consumption power 2.0 kVA
X-ray generator Tube voltage 60-90 kV
Tube current 2-10 mA
High voltage generator DC rectifier (Preignition system)
Oil and air cooling
Focal spot 0.5 mm
Total filteration 2.5 mm Al or higher
Emission switch Dead man's switch
Dimensions (max.) W1,220 mm × D1,525 mm × H1,920 mm
Weight 230 kgs
Usage environment Temperature 15-35 ℃
Humidity 30-70% (without condensation)
Atmospheric pressure 920-1,060 hPa
Partial mode
(Same for CT model)
F.O.V φ57 mm x H 38-41 mm
Imaging area L8-R8・L-TMJ・R-TMJ
Voxel size High resolution: 0.083 mm
Scan time 16 sec. / 360 degrees
Offset / Normal modes
(Same for CT model)
F.O.V Offset mode φ240 mm x H 125-175 mm
Normal mode φ137 mm x H 147-175 mm
Imaging area L8-R8・L-TMJ・R-TMJ
Voxel size Offset mode: 0.24 mm
Normal mode: 0.16 mm
Scan time 16 sec. / 360 degrees
CCD Panramic
(Same for Panoramic model)
Image acquisition time (Scan method) Normal panoramic: 16 sec.
TMJ: 4 sec x 4 times
Image magnifications 1.2-1.3 times
Image size 300 mm x 146 mm
Resolutions 3,125 x 1521 pixels (264 dpi)
Pixel size 96 μm
Spatial resolution 5.2 lp / mm
Grayscale 12 bits

*Specifications or features may be changed without a prior notice.

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