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Dental Sensor

■ Specifications

Small size Large size
Acquisition method Csi scintillator (with FOP) (Waterproof structure, dustproof case, durable cable)
Sensor structure CMOS
Active imaging area 30 × 20mm 36 × 26mm
Pixel size 19×19μm
Resolutions 1580 × 1050pixels 1898 × 1368pixels
Grayscale 12bits
Interface USB 2.0 (Powered)
Dimensions 36.7 × 24.3 × 11.5mm 42.8 × 30.5 × 11.5mm
Cable length 2m
Weight 50g 55.5g
Operation system Windows 7/8/8.1 and 10
*It does not work properly with some of Windows 10 series.
*not compatible with Apple MacOS
Availability Only in Japan

*Product designs, specifications or features may be changed without a prior notice.

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