Testimonials from NAOMI Users

The direct digital system provides immediate images.

Dr. Flock (USA)

Dr. Flock

It was a logical step to go digital.

I started a file on the NAOMI x-ray system several years ago. I accumulated quite a bit of literature, to which I periodically returned. We are in the processing of renovating and expanding our physical plant, so it was a logical step to go digital. The ability to utilize our existing x-ray generator was appealing. I had a remote web based demonstration and contacted a colleague in a nearby city who has been using NAOMI for several years. We have now been using NAOMI for almost 3 months.

On our first day using NAOMI, we had superior images compared to film.

The hassle of films, developing, and retakes is a thing of the past. Storage of films had become a concern and valuable technician time had been utilized inefficiently. The dark room has been converted to a storage room. The direct digital system provides immediate images, which from day one were superior to films. At this early point, we have hardly scratched the surface of what can be done. Still, the intuitive ease of employing the software allows anyone to manipulate the image to instant advantage. The kVp, image size, and contrast are some of the parameters that can be adjusted to provide superior results relative to film. Lesions initially obscured are revealed.

I will never go back to film.

Dr. Krzeminski D.V.M. (Poland)

Dr. Krzeminski

You can see things that you could miss or never see on conventional film.

Even if conventional films have a better resolution, digital images that come from NAOMI are great. The resolution is sufficient to properly diagnose even the smallest patients. If properly exposed, NAOMI give you much wider contrast range than a regular film. You can clearly see the hair coat of your feline patient as well as lumbosacral joint. All on the same image. For example, difficult to visualize minute changes or masses in the chest are evident. When you exam the NAOMI image, you can see things that you could miss or never see on conventional film. Especially on a film that had been over or under exposed. We often use NAOMI to visualize skin masses and tumors. Something that we had not done on conventional film.

Dr. Krzeminski

After two years of working with NAOMI, I will never go back to film.

NAOMI is very simple to setup, very easy to use, very fast and reliable. On top of that, great customer service that takes care of every problem. Fast as a lightning and all that over the telephone. After two years of working with NAOMI and shooting more than 7,000 images, I would never go back to conventional film. The sensor and anti-scatter grid are mounted under the table so they never get in our way. After several thousands of x-ray, I can say that this setup works great. Regular film is not the only TRUE X-RAY. Digital is better. Take a step forward towards modern medicine, and you will never regret. Quality of your images will increase and your clients will be impressed. And no more waiting for your x-rays. You shoot it and in 20 seconds you can start examining it.

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