Differences between NAOMI and CR

CR (Computed Radiography) technology is placed or defined as a transitional technology from conventional film to digital, and considered as “an older form of digital radiography”. On the other hand, DR (Direct Digital Radiography), like NAOMI, converts an x-ray image into a digital data and displays it on a monitor. This is “a full digital” system, which maximizes the advantages of a digital radiography.
Which would you choose when you go digital, “an older form of digital radiograph” or “a full digital”?


CR system uses Imaging Plates to capture x-ray images, instead of film cassettes. After an exposure, Imaging Plate has to be scanned by an imaging reader. Thus, the process of handling plates is required, and this is the same process as analog film-based x-rays.
NAOMI, on the other hand, does not require such “manual” process. The x-ray image will be automatically downloaded and displayed onto a computer monitor in seconds. It makes your diagnosis process faster and smoother, resulting in more efficient workflow.


Space Saving, Ease of Use & Single-Click Operation

CR system requires a big image reader unit, which occupies an office space. However, it is not necessary for NAOMI as it acquires and displays a digital x-ray image only with a computer with a USB connection. Thus, it does not need any space from your office space. You do not have to handle the NAOMI sensor panel to retake an x-ray, unlike CR system’s Imaging Plate. Only with a single click on a computer, you are always ready to take an x-ray anytime with NAOMI.


Reasons to choose NAOMI for your digital upgrade

In September 2007, we have conducted a survey on the reasons to choose NAOMI to go digital on our valued NAOMI users who had previously considered to purchase a CR system, or upgraded to NAOMI from CR system. There are many doctors who chose the NAOMI DR system over CR system, after comparing an initial cost or extra work at an installation and maintenance issues involved.

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Comments from NAOMI users

  • Even though I felt a concern to quit using a film for my x-rays, it was very easy to take an x-ray with NAOMI.
    It is just like a digital camera.
  • Patients are very impressed with how quickly I can see and show the x-ray images.
  • NAOMI is a marketing tool for my office, with a good quality image and easy management.
  • It saves time and money, and there are no chemicals to buy, change or dispose of. The time saving for employees allows them to concentrate on other income producing jobs.
  • The hassle of films, developing, and retakes is a thing of the past. The dark room has been converted to a storage room.
  • I love the system! It was not difficult to learn its use, and the quality of radiographs is excellent.

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