48-Megapixel Hight Resolution

By applying Multi-CCD Detector Method with the maximum of 192 widely versatile high-sensitive monochrome CCD sensors, NAOMI has accomplished the excellent image quality with super sensitivity. It also enables overwhelmingly high image quality of 48.37-megapixel. The high-performance engine displays the acquired images smoothly in 4,096 grayscales (12 bits). The user-friendly-operating software enables you to adjust the images easily, enhancing its immense data from soft tissue to osseous parts with smoother and deeper contrast.
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Quick & easy image display


No extra work of developing film or handling an IP (Imaging Plate) like CR systems. It takes only 5 sec. to display an image after x-ray exposure. It will not result in making patients waiting.The displayed images are automatically saved into a computer and managed very easily.

NAOMI eliminates the need of the preparation time with chemical nor film processor. It is always ready to take an x-ray whenever you need, even for a patient with urgent care. NAOMI provides you smoother workflow and efficient diagnosis by displaying x-ray images within seconds.

Compatible with your x-ray machine.


With your existing x-ray generator and x-ray stand or table, NAOMI upgrades your office to digital on the very same day you receive it only by placing NAOMI instead of film cassette. NAOMI is always ready to take an x-ray and simplifies your x-ray process.

No need of a darkroom, which used to occupy a space in your office. It does not require a storage space for film or chemical. The only things required to take x-rays are your x-ray generator, NAOMI, and a computer. You can use the unoccupied space more efficiently for any other purpose. How will you use your office space?


What NAOMI makes possible


The captured x-ray images can be easily manipulated and managed with a single mouse operation on the computer. You can easily adjust the images from soft tissue to osseous parts with smoother and deeper contrast by enhancing its immense data of the images, resulting in a decrease of retakes.
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Greatly cost saving


With film-based x-rays, it requires a lot of running cost regardless of the number of films you take. However, NAOMI is not associated with any running or maintenance cost since it does not require any film, chemical, and a processor. From the day you install NAOMI instead of a film cassette, you do not have to purchase any more film nor chemical, making huge savings for your practice.


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