Frequently Asked Questions

This document provides a listing of the frequently asked questions about NAOMI.

What do I need in order to go digital?

You can immediately upgrade your existing x-ray machine to digital with NAOMI. Only you need is NAOMI and a computer.

How is it different to take x-rays if I go digital?

The process of taking x-rays is almost the same as conventional film-based x-rays. However, NAOMI does not require any handling of a plate or preparing film and chemical for development.

Why is NAOMI so affordable?

Almost all DR systems in the today’s market use an “amorphous silicon” to detect x-ray and digitize it to an x-ray image. Amorphous silicon is not widely used for other application, and it costs very high to be produced. On the other hand, we, RF SYSTEM lab. apply CCD (charge coupled device) sensors, that are commonly used in many other applications like a digital camera. By applying CCD cameras, we succeeded to develop the digital x-ray sensor that acquires x-ray images with high resolution at the lowest production cost possible.

Do I need each different sized sensor?

14"x17" (35x43cm) will allow you to take 3 different image sizes. With a touch of a button on the software, you can take 14"x17"(35x43cm), 10"x12"(26x32cm), and 8"x10" (20x25cm) image size.

Can I view the x-ray images on another PC such as in an examining room?

Yes, you can connect the PCs with LAN connection, so that you can access the PC in x-ray room from your PC in exam room.

How do I send images to other doctors/radiologists?

You can copy the images on a CD, attach them to email, or send them to PACS server.

How long does the scintillator or CCD sensor last?

CCD sensor lasts semipermanently if there is no external cause such as a strong impact, damage, or condensation. A scintillator lasts approximately 5 years, for more than 50,000 times of x-ray exposure. Even if something happens and the panel needs to be repaired, the maintenance cost is reduced at minimum because NAOMI is the composition of multiple units of CCD sensors, which are widely used in many applications.

What is the maintenance cost?

The only maintenance required for NAOMI is to keep it clean. In contrast, film system would require you to maintain the film processor, chemical, and waste disposable. Only the running cost is electricity fee to operate NAOMI sensor and PC.

Can we print on a film?

Yes. In case you would need to print an x-ray image on a film, you would need a dry imager printer.

Where can I see NAOMI?

We are performing the interactive live demonstration, everyday. Please contact us to setup a schedule.

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