The Global Standard

Direct Digital Radiography CCD Imaging Sensor - NAOMI

The digital radiography sensor NAOMI is the digital x-ray, which is gentle to people and environment. It does not need any film, chemicals or its maintenance. It assists doctors to start the diagnosis quickly by immediately displaying the image, and cuts down the patients' waiting time. The x-ray exposure dosage is drastically reduced, and the x-ray examination becomes gentle enough to babies in the wombs. Its x-ray images are crisp and clear, and it may be possible to detect the breast cancer at an early stage, which is said that one out of 20 women is suffering from. As the doctors are able to share the captured images by emailing or uploading to a server, even a small clinic in rural area can consult with any specialists from a metropolitan area. "To bridge healthcare disparity", the digital radiography sensor NAOMI is widely used in hospitals and clinics regardless of its size or geographic locations.

From film to digital


Since the discovery of x-ray by Wilhelm Roentgen in 1895, we have been capturing its light with a film. Time has changed, and medical scene is rapidly becoming film-less environment. Currently there are two types of digital radiography; CR (computed radiography) and DR (direct radiography). However, CR is only the transitional technology to digital. Now the digital radiography market shows significant transition from CR into DR. The DR system makes the x-ray examination more speedy and efficient than ever.

To become global standards


Until now, a digital radiography (DR) system has been very expensive and mainly used in large hospitals. However, as radiography is vital in Today's medical scene, a DR system must be available to doctors in small hospitals, private clinics, or medically under-developing countries. We, RF SYSTEM lab. have put such passion and desire in this high quality yet affordable digital radiography sensor, NAOMI, by using our unique technology. The user-friendly digital x-ray sensor NAOMI is now becoming the new global standards.



Did you know that the film development chemical couldn't be flushed down to the drain even if it is diluted by hundredth? The film development bears a unbearable burden of time and effort. It is also damaging the environment with the industrial waste. Upgrading to digital x-ray relieves such burdens from the Earth and the people. It does not produce any wastes from the consumables such as film and chemicals. It also eliminates the costs from film development. The digital radiography sensor, NAOMI achieves both eco-friendliness and cost reduction in your clinic.